Imagine telling your dinner guests about the olive tree you have adopted in Spain!

Enjoy the luxurious experience of a private Olive Tree.

As any chef can tell you, olive oil is among the healthiest cooking oils you can use. Studies have shown benefits for those suffering from ulcers, heart disease and high cholesterol. Of course, it’s also one of the most expensive cooking oils.

The most expensive olive oil in the World

The most expensive olive oil in the world is produced by a familiy in Spain. The oil is labeled as an “Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil,” and the olives used to make this olive oil are harvested by hand.


We are the fourth generation of a family business dedicated to the olive grove. A proud family whose extra virgin olive oil contributes to the extension and delight of a millenary culture with respect for nature. A way of life that originated in this southern area of the Mediterranean, and that has been preserved thanks to the determination and sacrifice of the people who form and have been part of this family. 

Francisco Javier Navas Guerrero

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